The Style Cycle: Mode of Dress & Growth Process

KOKKO has invited a local rapper Javis Bushido as our model to be shot in different locations of Vancouver with different emotions to present a picture story with the original concept about the relationship between fashion and an individual.

Each generation has its own taste in terms of trend and style, like the 60’s mini skirt and 70’s punk rock. Similar to the fashion cycle, a person’s own aesthetics is developed through his own growth. It is like what a man pursuit during his lifetime.

By featuring the styles of different designers, each represents different periods of aesthetics and psychology. From the first outfit to the last, they seem to endure and transform through a huge difference. The process of the transformation is a symbol of growth and change.

The first outfit of Dsquared2 reveals as a born infant, curious, energetic, creative who is willing to try. Innocent and naïve, but full of coverage and vigor, conforms to the spirit of street wear.


Next outfit of Marcelo Burlon with the golden wing cape represents as a kid’s childhood, who likes to be in touch with nature, feels the fresh air and explores natural sceneries. Pure and simple but is easy to accept challenges and exotica.

Marcelo Burlon

Moschino and Versace outfits describe the period of teen, bold and unconstrained, swanky and garish. Bright colors, flaring patterns and vivid textures are the most attractive. The psychology of this period is self-highness, flaunt and dandyism.




Gradually, he pursues more high fashion and luxury brand like Balmain. Mature, luxury, sexy and male power indicates confidence, growth, desire and ambition. He desires to pursue a high quality life and high standard for himself.


Then, a period with more confusion than explicit appears. NILØ and Phenomenon outfits are represented as a period of lost self, perplexity and low tide of a lifetime, like a bottle neck effect that is been stuck with nowhere to go.

T-shirt: NILØ  Coat: Phenomenon

When passing the ‘bottle neck’, a rebirth appears and everything backs to the origin. Final look of Yohji Yamamoto interprets backing to nature, true self and fading his ostentation and gaudiness. Like experienced all the hardships of life, more confidence with full of calmness and internal peace appears.

Yohji Yamamoto

Fashion is a cycle, trend is a sun. It rises, peaks and falls. In the next day, it comes again. The truth of being stylish all the time is don’t lose yourself, and enjoy all the hardships.