Stereotypes by Vetements

Vetements 2017 Fall/Winter collection during the Paris Fashion Week started by sending identification card motif invites. The cards featuring people of all ages and ethnicities categorized under ‘stereotypes,’ a major theme for the show.



A punk, a bro, a couch potato, a pensioner, a German tourist, an European policewoman to a UN soldier, walked down the runway featuring models maybe in their 60s or teenagers from various ethnic backgrounds. View the entire collection here.


Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Vetements commented:
“A new stage has to come. What we do here is always a reappropriation of something which already exists. So we took a survey of social uniforms, researched the dress codes of people we see around us, or on the Internet."


A new height of irony-style has reached with the collection while the traditional idea of luxury fashion continues to crumble. Gvasalia took ‘regular people’ off the street and put them on a Paris runway.


Yeah yeah, but where were the t-shirts or sweatshirts. While the traditional idea of luxury has fallen, the importance of brand logo is peaked at Vetements. In order to deal with Vetements knock off makers, the designer is keeping its cult hoodies and shirts in a ‘secret collection’ category as a measure to protect its value.


There are signature oversized ‘Antwerpen’ hoodies constructed from two asymmetrically cut garments, brand logo printed raincoats, as well as ‘stereotype’ motifs printed graphic t-shirts you can choose based on your spiritual animal. What is your spiritual animal? A UN soldier? a tourist? or a trash metal rocker?