Kanye West's Yeezy Season 2 Zine

If you are a fan of Kanye West or a fan of his yeezy boots, you may want to grab a copy of this season’s look book—the Yeezy season 2 zine. Again, shot by Jackie Nickerson, season 2 features the faces of Amina Blue, Tyler Blue Golden and Kanye's muse Ian Conner. Also, ‘Ye himself dressed in earthy military-inspired garbs' which first revealed in his collection. The model is also posing nude with a white horse in a desert like scenery, which has the same tone as the Yeezy Season Collection.

While additional items of note include a hooded anorak, hoodie, cargo pants, and oversized tank tops and tees, all in monochrome and earthy tone. The clothing construction is played with layered and deconstructed look. Each nude color outfit with the Yeezy Duck boots in neutral colors reflects the skin color of the models. Combined with Jackie Nickerson’s scenic photography, season 2 compares the sandy sceneries with plenty of nudity.

This zine is provides a look inside the mind of Kanye West and his perspectives of fashion through the harmonious melody of his neutral colored outfits, the organic natural landscape with the human’s primary urges of being nude, wide and free.

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Pages of Yeezy Season 2 Zine