Day Life of a Skate Boy Hits Street

Marcelo Burlon

For this season's new look book, KOKKO focuses on the skate boy and street wear fashion by featuring styles of Off-white, Undercover, Phenomenon, Marcelo Burlon, Junya Watanabe, Kenzo and Yang Li. By portraying and recording a street boy’s one day life, every look comes alive with emotions. The interaction between the boy and his skateboard is telling us their story of encounter. It is shot at Vancouver Art Gallery, Downtown, Vancouver, as a place of modern arts and young generation.

11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi, Marcelo Burlon, Undercover

The skate boy is carrying his skateboard, perfectly dressed in a young and distinctive style with elements of hip hop fashion, Japanese street fashion and modern haute couture fashion, seems to express his specific ideas and ready to play his skateboard.

Off-white, Yang Li

With different face expressions and outfits, the emotions, sensation and atmospheres in the photos are categorized into different moods. Some of them are energetic; some of them are silent; some exciting; some depressing.

Junya Watanabe, Phenomenon, Undercover

All the looks with skateboard highlight the street boy’s passion and love for skateboarding and his expression of ideas through what he wears. Whether it’s the blue diagonal striped Off-white jacket, or the colorful print Kenzo outfit, the skateboard is like his partner. Staying with him; accompanying with him and listening to him. It becomes an absolutely necessary part of his life. 

Kenzo, Off-white

Especially the photo group of Marcelo Burlon, when the skate boy is playing his skateboard, the movement directs us into a space of actions, sports and youth. The air in the photos is consisted of the smell of tension and excitement.


Under our camera, the skate boy’s day life is represented as our street wear fashion look book. Take a look in store with our street fashion brands or directly click and buy online.

Marcelo Burlon