CLOT 2016 New Arriving at KOKKO

CLOT was established by the founders Edison Chen and Kevin Poon in 2003. The company carries an urban lifestyle business including Music, Retail, Design, Fashion and PR services. It is famous for its unique selection of lifestyle goods and it launched its own line of clothing products from 2004.

CLOT is not only just clothing but also provides PR consulting and event planning services. It grows from music and fashion to design services, which led to the opening of fashion and lifestyle store JUICE. It located in major cities across China and Asia such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur. There was also a pop-up shop in Los Angeles.

CLOT 2017 Spring Summer Showroom 

The brand has collaborated with many international brands such as DISNEY, COCA-COLA and SCION. CLOT carries mainly casual wear and street wear for young spirit with contemporary style. It features the whimsical print and logo on a simple cut piece with the creative designs on details. CLOT focuses on a clear urban aesthetic with sports and military elements, carries the message of ‘New Age Ethnic’.

‘New Age Ethnic is the world we live in now, all kinds of people and all colours of skin all in a melting pot.’ explained by the creative director Edison Chen.

CLOT represents the youth culture by encouraging people to develop a sense of individuality with distinctive characters and styles to the community. CLOT wishes to bridge the Eastern and Western culture with creativity.

CLOT chooses Paris as its first step of fashion showcase to present the 2017 Spring Summer Collection. The collection focuses the likes of Zoe Vance, Alien Ju Jitsu, Ian Connor and CLOT’s own work with Vanquish Denim.

KOKKO is introducing CLOT as our new arrivals.

2017 Spring Summer Collection

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