Avant Toi 2016 Fall Winter will be launching at KOKKO

Avant Toi is a label founded by the Liapull Production Group in 1994. The creative director, Mirko Ghignonenow, is an eclectic and talented artist on colors, established the brand with his creative instinct and artistic taste to the medium of knits and yarns. He has revolutionized the world of cashmere and piece dying by excelling in technical experimentation and innovation of coloring. One of the most important aspects of his process is the introduction of air-brushing coloring, which endows each piece with a unique and unrepeatable character. Each piece of clothing carries different stories with distinctive shades and hues and also revealed diligent devotion from the artisans.



Avant Toi constanctly explores diverse possibilities of unknown and unexpected functions of knitwear by breaking the conventional rules of manufacture. To pursue distinctive, sophisticated and avant-garde spirit for each piece and break the rules of style and aesthetic standards is the key philosophy of Avant Toi.

Avant Toi builds a bridge between the classics and the vintage, which is completely opposite to the conventionalities of the use of cashmere. Avant Toi captures the charm of cashmere and Italian knitwear, by treating each piece as an artwork. Avant Toi’s lines are empowered exclusively by the wearer, with destroyed, blended and spray-painted styles applied to each garment.

Black Label Men's Fall Winter 2016



Avant Toi’s clothing are usually in relaxed shapes with high-quality natural materials such as cashmere and silk, and a range of warm and earthy colours. With the vintage designs, elegant draping and exquisite detailing with quality finishes.

The 2016 Black and White Label Fall Winter collection will be arriving soon at KOKKO.

White Label Men's Fall Winter 2016



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