Yohji Yamamoto 2016 Fall Winter Collection launched at KOKKO

As the master tailor who knows for bringing Japanese traditional cut into his design, Yohji Yamamoto launched his new Men’s Fall/Winter collection with deep concept and consideration of the society. Carrying his new collection to the stage, Yohji is conveying us his attitude towards this chaotic society.

With shirts and sweaters over puffer jackets and vests, large blanket scarves engulf models’ faces and are paired with loose, oversized knits. Cozy padded long coat with layered cardigan outfit interprets the dark theme under the garments. The entire collection is audacious but practical. According to Yamamoto, he envisioned a mother piling clothes to a small child for overcoming the cold, which reflects the ongoing refugee crisis. “Because of the economic condition, I feel like in the world – all the countries – the family is just breaking down. I’m afraid. So, like a kid, I want to shout,” says Yamamoto. The collection is full of darkness and decadence but is totaly wearable, and definitely maintains Yohji's neatness, layering and nature.

One of the most impressive elements in this collection is the slogan printed on the clothes. Some of them are Chinese characters from different literature, which reveals Yohji’s perspective on the creative diversity of being responsible for the world problems. The entire collection envelopes in the emotions of warmth and peace. “告诉他们我的幸福”, means “To tell them of my happiness”, which comes from the poem “Looking Out to Sea, Warmed By the Spring Air” by the Chinese poet Hai Zi. “生而为人对不起”,means “Sorry for my birth and existence”, comes from the Japanese author Osamu Dazai’s posthumous work—“No Longer Human”. These slogans are printed on the pieces with Yohji Yamamoto’s illustrations that took us into another level of philosophy through fashion. Yohji’s design is not only about clothing, it is more about conveying certain messages and paying attention to humanity. His design is not only for people who are fashionable and pretty but also for groups of people who needs help and care and make the valuable contribution to society.

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