Vetements F/W collection Launched at KOKKO Concept Store in Gastown

The hottest fashion label in 2016 Vetements has just landed at Vancouver. As the official authorized distributor, KOKKO opened an entirely new concept store at Gastown with Vetements as our theme. We are releasing the fall/winter collection as a warm up for our fashion aficionado.

Vetements is from France and established by the Gvasalia brothers, pronounces as “vet-Mahn”, means “Clothes”. Its creative director Demna Gvasalia replaced Alexander Wang as the new creative director of Balenciaga. The CEO Guram Gvasalia impressed the fashion industry by using his miraculous marketing skills. Within just two years, Vetements’s basic casual wear, such as sweatshirts with super long sleeves, oversized bomber jackets, vintage reformed denim; became the most popular must-haves for the celebrities. All of them sold out quickly although the price is not cheap. In July, Vetements was invited by Paris Haute Couture Trade Association and released its 2017 Spring/Summer Collection, which cooperated with 18 brands at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

“Make the ordinary clothing not ordinary” is Vetements’s philosophy, its design mainly come from the bold deconstruction. They constrain the amount of products and never restock or remake. Its inspiration comes from different elements of pop culture but its marketing target is high-end consumer group. Their success proves the customers’ dissatisfaction and rebellion of traditional luxury. 

As the luxury boutique with the history of six years, KOKKO follows the most up-to-date fashion trend and introduced Vetements into Vancouver, leading Vancouver to gradually become one of the fashion centres in the world. Our concept store located at Gastown, which specially made for Vetements, will not only exhibit the newest collection of Vetements, but also displaying with multiple methods such as projecting, environment construction, artwork etc. to create the atmosphere and stand out the unique personality of Vetements. Our theme is about a lost civilization after million years and the garments are displayed through the city architectures and buildings with fake plants growing all over. Vetements’s spirit of deconstruction is demonstrated in this elaborate and imaginative alternate space.

KOKKO, the official authorized distributor of Vetements, has obtained the dealership of Vetements’ womenswear and became one of the small group of selling stores in Canada even less in Vancouver. Furthermore, Vetements selected KOKKO as their exclusive authorized distributor of menswear starting from 2017 spring/summer, when they visited Vancouver this year. 

The opening of Vetements concept store is also a platform for fashion lovers to share their opinions and communicate with each other about the international trend. 



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