Vetements 2017 Spring Showroom: Collaboration with 18 Brands

Vetements brought its own sense of humor to street wear and reinvented old items into highly sought after items.

During the Fall Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week, Vetements was invited as guest to show its 2017 Spring Summer Collection. The runway show was set on the first floor of Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris. The entire collection is collaborated with 18 brands with their own features, including Carhartt, Levi’s, Canada Goose, Eastpak, Reebok, Alpha Industries, COMME des GARÇONS, Champion, Schott,  Juicy Couture,  Manolo Blahnik, Brioni, Lucchese, Mackintosh, Church’s, Dr. Martens and Kawasaki.

The creative directors brothers Demna and Guram Gvasalia reinterpreted the concept of Haute Couture, created the Vetements versions of the iconic designs from these 18 brands: Carhartt for work-pants, Schott handled leather jackets, Brioni's  fitted suit-jackets, Canada Goose for parkas, Juicy Counture’s velvet tracksuits. The brands oversaw production and manufaction of the pieces, and leaving Vetements to distribute the collection to its stockists.

Vetements’ philosophy is to re-build and rework traditional pieces with distension and distortion, and subvert the structure and fit. From reinterpreting Alpha Industries’ bomber jackets, Levi’s jeans, to covert Juicy couture’s tracksuit into evening wear, Manolo Blahnik super long waist boots, and “Border Line” print Dr. Martins.

After the runway show, all the global fashion buyers including KOKKO buyers gathered around in Vetements’s new showroom to interact with these coming items.

Follow the sign and enter the showroom, the organic old architecture is vast and quiet, the music around seems to lead you into another world. The second floor is empty but filled with 18 brand flags and also Vetements own flag. The collection is displayed on the third floor and fully crowded with buyers and models.

The 18 brands collaborated collection offers tons of goods for selecting and each collaborated good has its own feature, which requires buyers’ professions and sensitive aesthetics. Vetements limited marketing strategy also increases difficulties for buyers to select items, which also shows the label’s distinctions and characters.

Vetements’s weird twists are put on the classy brands for its particular pieces. Every item has its own aesthetics and features due to its win-win collaborations. We are eager to see these wide-ranging, distinctive and subversive designer collaboration and introduce these items as our new arrivals.

KOKKO keeps bringing the newest and the most prominent designs from Paris, Milan, New York and London in Vancouver. We are introducing the global trend leader Vetements this year in Vancouver and there will be more and more new faces join KOKKO in the future. Follow our paces with your passion on fashion!

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