Vetements 2016 Hot Items & New Arrival at

We are releasing multiple Vetements hot items range from the basics like sweatshirts and hoodies to the pieces worn by the stars at our store and online. Some key items including the super long sleeves hoodies with label and text printed, reversible hoodie with two slogans and pattern, masculine bomber jackets and football shoulder tees featuring swear word slogan and quotes from classic movies, music albums, comics that highlights the attitude of the youth. The inspiration can be anything, especially rock, punk and metal culture, which deeply influenced the designer Demma at his youth. The prints for this season are mainly the graphic pentagram, graphic gun and target, Snoop Dogg photo print and gothic fonts. Most of the items are oversized and masculine fit, some with layering or slope shoulders, some has some practical design such as removable shoulder pads and reversible in different colors and slogans. Also, different designs for the brand logo are used in the clothing for different reasons. The white Helvetica fonts are embroidered at hoods and the gothic fonts are usually printed at front or sleeve as a feature design.



Take a look at our new unisex Vetements collection and pick up our selected hot items to fresh your look here!