Uma Wang women and men’s collection launched at KOKKO

This season is our first season to introduce a Milan based label, Uma Wang 2016 AW. Uma Wang is the first Chinese fashion designer to be on Milan Fashion Week’s official calendar. 2016 AW women and men’s collection strongly shows the designer’s rough approaches to the textiles fused with elegance, following the themes Wang is best known for; romanticism, fear and desire for peace. Uma Wang picks unique and self-confident women around the world as her ideal muse. Roughed edges, oversized fits, woven knit and contrast of textiles are present throughout her runways but perhaps the most comforting aspect of Wang’s pieces are the fact that she seems to be keen on anti-trends, timeless pieces.


In the world where fast fashion habits heavily influence up and coming designers, Uma Wang believes in creating clothing to last through trends and seasons. As the first Shanghai based Chinese fashion designer to be on Milan Fashion Week calendar, the subtle traditional Chinese design philosophy in her garments are highly sought after in Europe. In a past interview with Cherie Paris, Uma Wang has commented; "I always emphasize the feeling of space between body and clothes. The feeling of space means the body should not be constrained by clothing. There is a relation between body and clothes, especially when walking; the shape of the body comes out from the clothes vaguely. That’s the state of beauty I am looking for, which [is] very Chinese.” A fashion writer, Timothy Parent, mentions Daoism regarding Wang’s designs. “The philosophy of Daoism in ancient China was about having ‘no shape’—instead everything goes from the body and moves freely; likewise the dress flows while the body moves.” 


Uma Wang 2016 AW women’s and men’s collection is now available for viewing at at KOKKO Luxury Boutique, located at 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond BC and online at