Too Young to Die: Blue by Christian Dada

“… has a sense of priority, being one of the five official colours of Asia, as well as carrying feelings of youth, inexperience, and freshness.“ Anthropology of Color (2007)
Christian Dada by Masanori Morikawa stands for Dadaism and Christian Dior. Christian Dior meets Dadaism, punk rock meets haute couture and the east meets the west.
Since the brand’s Paris debut, the theme of eastern influences contrasting with the western has become more prominent and the general aesthetics have matured compared to its Tokyo days. Morikawa, however, continuous to draw influences from youth struggles.
In Japan, colour blue symbolizes a troubled state of youth. A rebellious or a destructive teen. Regarding Christian Dada’s 2017FW menswear collection, Morikawa commented: “the focus is on something like conflict, frustration.”
There are happi style bomber jackets, Ivy league sweaters embroidered with ‘Heroin’  and Charles Anastase graphic printed t-shirts.
To shop the Christian Dada’s 2017FW collection, click HERE.