The Resurrected: Faith Connexion 2017 SS

Faith Connexion was founded in 2000 by Ilan Delouis but shut itself down in 2014 for a re-birth in 2015, like Easter haha. The rumour of Balmain’s Christophe Decarnin and the former Balmain creative team now re-creating Faith Connexion was later confirmed. In the past, Christophe Decarnin rose to fame for reviving Balmain to its current glory despite his tendency to stay away from the press or social media.




Decarnin might be shy (unconfirmed) but knows how to breath life into a dying label. Prior to Decarnin, Balmain was far from it’s rocker-chic glam. There aren’t any reviews or photo archives of Balmain on Vogue or Style.Com between 2001 to 2006. It is easy to see why Decarnin would head to a ‘shut down’ fashion house as his next move.



With Faith Connexion, there are added grungy feel to the rock-glamour aesthetics, lowered price point and the surge of youth culture by operating as a ‘collective’ of creative minds that sets itself apart from Balmain. It’s still sexy but more punk and more grunge.


“Oh Lord” by Vincent Dacquin ©Vincent Dacquin


Le H, Pisco, Vincent Dacquin, and Tommy Genesis (a Vancouver native rapper) are some of the artists the brand is currently collaborating with. With it’s foundation as denim and army surplus, expect to see; personalized ‘custom grade’ oversized lace-up hoodie, graphic t-shirts by French graffiti artists, denim jeans with million different vintage treatments, women’s silk shirts designed using large male models for fitting and deconstructed off-shoulder biker jackets.