Tatsuro Horikawa Goes Boiler Room

Tatsuro Horikawa has always associated himself with industrial techno music, he claims Julius is composed of art, architecture, music and fashion as whole. Horikawa runs his own record label named Niløs (listen to Niløs released albums here -  and has collaborated with Berlin-based Stroboscopic Artefacts as well as the Vienna-based DJ, Electric Indigo. 


It’s the brand’s persistent pursuit of avant-garde, all-black outfits, sleek leather and techno that brought up its cult-like goth techno followers not only in Berlin but wherever the internet reaches to bring them the online streaming of Boiler Room. When asked to described Julius in seven words, Horikawa listed - Black, Chaotic, Industrial, Techno, Avant Garde, Contemporary & Minimal. Horikawa is often associated with Yohji Yamamoto in interviews and articles as both designers are inspired by Japanese Zen but while Yamamoto’s garments carry sentimentality and subtle femininity, Julius balances ‘Yin Yang’ and obviously loves Berlin. 




In a previous interview, Horikawa commented “the idea of Zen and its sculptural and architectural influences have made a huge impact in my work and lifestyle. Yin and Yang is also of huge importance to me. On one hand, Zen represents an important part of my life and on the other hand Punk and Hardcore music also have their place. Both are extreme opposites but yet they come together in harmony in my work. This shop was also created to reflect the idea of Zen, but together there are punk elements within the space.” 


Julius’s 2017 SS, titled Knives, is collaborated with and pays homage to Downwards Records, music label found by British techno musician Regis. Downwards Records was found in 1993 in Birmingham to release DJ Surgeon’s tracks recorded in Mick Harris’ toilet room. Regis and Surgeon went on to create a ’techno super duo’ named British Murder Boys in 2002. (Regis Live at Boiler Room)




Set in underground club like ambiance during the Paris Fashion Week, the first look that opened 2017 SS Julius was a sleeveless draped trench coat while the model wore a do rag like head cover. Models continued at ‘non-scheduled’ pace in black (obviously), white and grey (because, 2017 summer is upon us). There were t-shirts and sleeveless hoodies with ‘Downwards’ or “British Muder Boys’ prints, adding a hint of street style to this zen avant garde brand. Models continued down embellished in accessories like gauze headbands, leggings paired under oversized drop crotch shorts and embroidered athletic wristbands. 2017 SS features almost ‘utility x avant garde’ like neo-streetwear garments, many adorned with printed homage to Downwards Records and British Murder Boys. 


To view KOKKO’s 2017 SS Julius collection, visit https://www.kokko.me or KOKKO Luxury Boutique at 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond BC. 

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