Song for the Mute 2017FW

Coming Soon to Kokko this fall - the Australia based fashion brand Song for the Mute by Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty will be joining Kokko’s list in the upcoming season. Don’t assume surfwear or sundresses but think minimalism, artisanal textiles, lots of black or dark-toned colours and nature inspirations with a hint of street casual.


Continuous re-interpretation of Traditions:
Founded in 2010, it’s creative director Ty commented “It’s about modern proportions, exhaustive attention to detail and, above all, a continuous re-interpretation of traditional fabrics through pure construction and new shapes that heighten the natural qualities of the fabric” regarding the brands aesthetics in a previous interview with Business of Fashion. Song for the Mute’s menswear and womenswear feature slouched or draped yet minimalistic silhouettes with experimental textures.
Textile Alchemists:
Just to name a few - floral jacquard pattern created by combining four different fabrics, silk chiffon treated with ancient Japanese needle punching technique, sun-dried Wool garbadine or hand-burnt Wool are some of the textiles that inspire the designers at Song for the Mute to create its minimalistic avant garde designs. Ty and Tanaya starts preparing for a collection by traveling to fabric mills and textile crafters in Italy and Japan for inspirations. Their design process is 70% fabric development and often takes 2-3 seasons to manufacture the brand’s original fabrics alone.  It’s described as an organic process where the touch of natural fibres is at the beginning of the design process.
Avant Garde:
Besides natural fibres as inspiration, the designer duo of Song for the Mute literally has pictures of Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo’s signature pieces hanging on their walls according to an interview by the Manuscript. Visit and sign up with our newsletter to receive latest arrival updates on Song for the Mute’s avant garde interpretation of Japan and Italy’s finest natural fabrics.