Fear of God: Somewhere In-between The Street and The Luxury

If Asia has Mastermind Japan, we have Fear of God in the realm of North America.
Jerry Lorenzo of F.O.G., a West Coast christian dad with minimal textile training is our (as in Kanye, Bieber, Rhianna, you and I) treasure and idol in streetwear design with outstanding footwear drops.
The brand’s fifth collection deconstructs the 1990s which is not the wildest thing to do right now but Lorenzo approaches it with a hefty amount of nostalgia. Picture a Kardashian type lady but 30 years younger, in her teen years. Now picture her teen boyfriend. Yeah.
Fear of God: Fifth Collection Promotion
F.O.G.’s fifth collection video features a grandma house in some suburb as the set, without much sarcasm or irony.
“The inspiration is the high school cool kid from the ’90s — when the star athlete dictated what was ‘cool’ and not the ‘fashion kid’ of present day. When the only information you had access to was your closet and you had to make it work somehow” Lorenzo on F.O.G. 5th Collection
Guess streetwear wasn’t much of a conscious choice but “kicks” really completed an ootd back then. As with many F.O.G. footwear, the 5th collection’s Jungle Sneakers teaser made headlines on Hypebeast like fashion news outlets. The sneakers feature olive green canvas high top collar with black leather overlay panels and wrap around lace up closure.