Since 1997 May 14th: Mastermind Japan’s 20th

May 14th marked Mastermind Japan’s 20th anniversary. Founded by Honma Masaaki, Mastermind Japan was the designer’s answer to creating Japan’s Chanel or Hermes. While many designers were turning their eyes on cheaper outsourced production sites, Honma turned his eyes internally and looked for premium craftsmen and tailors of Japan to create his high end street-style t-shirts.

Honma Masaaki

Future wearing Chanel Necklaces with Mastermind Japan Hoodie
Metro wearing Mastermind Japan
Tyga with Kylie Jenner wearing Mastermind Japan


No one persists premium street-style like Honma’s Mastermind Japan. There has been countless designer collaborations including Comme des Garcons, Adidas, Roar and Apple to list a few but the Pre-20th Collection, the brand’s first mainline collection since its halt in 2013, seemed like Honma knew how much his followers waited for the comeback and made that the focal point of the collection.



Each design was released in variations of classic relaxed fit, boxy oversized fit and distressed vintage style. Design wise, things were kept simple. The original skull logo made a comeback along with newly designed rock concert merch style graphics. Oh, there were ‘Bullshit’ and ‘Fuckoff’ prints as well…

To celebrate Mastermind Japan’s 20th Anniversary, Kokko will be offering Mastermind Japan’s A-Girl’s collaboration collection with 40% discount.

A-Girl’s, based in Wakayama, Japan, has been the choice of fine knit manufacturer among major fashion houses including Alexander Wang and Opening Ceremony.  

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