Palm Angels: Skate Culture & California Nature

By setting our model in a seaside and wooded environment, the model seems to back to the area of Southern California. Beach, coastline, sunset and palm trees; peaceful and vigorous, like a paradise.

Shot at English Bay, our favourite destination of outside-sporters in Vancouver, we are reinterpreting the spirit of Palm Angels by restoring the environment of California and bringing in the feelings of Vancouver.      

Cropping the landscapes and coastline in pictures, each outfit interacts with the model and the surroundings. We could even hear the sound of waves beat the coast, the noise of people at beach and the wind blows leaves. The model stands at different locations with organic setting such as the beach with large amounts of raw wood logs and a bushed grasses, in different outfit such as flowing cape with bold colours tee and double-breasted blazer with gold side stripe pants.

The setting is between urban and nature, which conforms to the concept of skate culture with California iconography from Palm Angels. The blend of natural graphic prints and the street wear fashion aesthetics. Each pose is captured with the consideration of being close to life in order to reappear a natural evoking of youth and rebel. To achieve the mix of natural sceneries with street wear, combined with the distinctive landscapes of Vancouver including the ashy sky with sunlight going through the clouds and the curving Pacific coastline.