Metropolitan Objet D’art: KUBORAUM 2017 SS Masks

When Sergio Eusebi, an Italian anthropologist living in Berlin, met Livio Graziottin, a sculptor and a fashion designer, the duo clicked and immediately formed a partnership now known as Kuboraum. Later joined by an Italian engineer, Antonio Pincin, the three presented Kuboraum’s first collection at 2012 Milan Fashion Week, Mido, where the trio showed variety of heavy rimmed mask-like eye glasses. Kuboraum, which translates to cubic room, stands for eyewear as an architecture and an Objet d’art. 
“Every piece of eyewear is your own cubic room, your own intimate architecture where you can shelter yourself. It is where you are free to live all your identities and highlight part of your character” said Sergio Eusebi in an interview with Deux Hommes magazine, adding "you don’t wear sunglasses just because there is sun, you wear them because you want to highlight part of yourself.” Kuboraum’s eyeglasses, or rather masks, do not feature the brand logo on themselves as the founders do not believe in the mask highlighting itself only and taking the focus away from its wearer. 
MONUMENTAL, CONCRETE AND ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE, AMAZEMENT, YUGEN, ECOLOGY OF MINDS, POWER OF MASKS, INFINITE LANGUAGES, are some of core themes of Kuboraum. Designed in Berlin and handcrafted in Italy, Kuboraum constantly challenges acetate, brass, 925 Sterling Silver and 24 Karat Gold. For example, Z10 Tortoise Shell Optical Mask features hand-hammered metal frame with the brand’s signature porcelain nose pads. The Coral Series, such as B2 Pale Coral Sun Mask, features hand-carved details inspired by the deep sea and it’s underwater organic structures. 
Shop Kuboraum’s hand-crafted experimental masks, a mix of Italian tradition and avant-garde aesthetics born in Berlin, at or visit KOKKO Luxury boutique at 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond BC.