KOKKO Unveils Vetements’ 18 collaborations



Latest Drop Includes 2017S/S Women’s and Men’s collection


As the only authorized dealer of Vetements among independent boutiques in Vancouver, KOKKO is releasing Vetements 2017 S/S Women’s and Men’s collection at its Aberdeen Luxury boutique (4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond BC) and will be online (kokko.me). Vetements 2017 SS consists of 18 different collaborated collections.

The collaborations available now at Aberdeen Store include Vetements x Champion which is comprised of zip up hoodies, running pants and pullover sweaters. We've chosen this particular collaboration as one of our favourites as this collection shows what seems to be a major theme for Vetements, avant-garde x street fashion - which coincides well with the brand's appointment as a guest member of Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne last May. As Demna commented “We thought we’d go straight to the brands who make all these things best, and ask to do something in our way with each one,” Vetements has taken the 1919 founded classic technical apparel brand and turned them into high fashion. The American sportswear brand's logo appliqué is applied as a draping ribbon, necklines are torn and the Vetements Antwerp hoodie is recreated while other designs feature Vetements' signature cropped waist and pronounced shoulder look.

Other collaborations available now are: Canada Goose, Staff (Vetements tour merch-style collection) and Reebok.

Vetements 2017 SS’s first drop will be in limited quantities. Please visit us at 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond BC to get the first snaps of the Vetements 2017 S/S pieces. And register the newsletter of kokko.me to get notified when launched online.