Kenzo 2016 Fall Winter Collection is available now at KOKKO

This season, the creative director partner of Kenzo, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon took us to a new journey to Japan and explore the country’s society. Its people’s attitude toward life inspired them to create the collection, especially their capacity to live for future and respecting the past at the same time. While they were in a concert, the bond that the musicians share with their followers and the love unite them. The music there inspires them and brings them together.

The collection is “an ode to the fans of idols past and present”, especially the ‘Love’ collection of Kenzo x Fan. By simply adding all over 'I love You', 'I'm you number 1 fan' ‘4 ever’ embroideries on solid color shirts. This idea is not only an appreciation to the fans of idols, but also a gratitude to the fans of Kenzo. It is a good choice for Valentine gifts or matched couple wear to show love.

Their inspiration comes from a variety source of Japanese culture, including Japanese art from tradition to contemporary. This year’s seasonal print includes love print, rope print, Tanami flower print, Nagai Star print, Kenzo signature logo print and Kenzo Paris logo print. Undoubtedly, there are tiger print and eye print with different manipulations in colors, prints and fabrications.

The rope print is inspired by the Japanese traditional martial arts belted Kimono. The rope graphic print was used to compose the Kenzo logo and printed all over on garments. The Tanami flower print is inspired from the artwork of Japanese ‘Pop Art’ graphic designer Keiichi Tanami. His work has saturated colors with detailed patterns and traditional Japanese culture mixed with pop art of graffiti art.

In addition, contemporary artist Kazumasa Nagai’s 80’s art posters are the inspired source of Nagai Star print. Kenzo signature logo is inspired by Kenzo Takada’s original signature from the Men’s archive. Kenzo Paris logo is inspired by Californian skaters and their casual and urban wear.      

Kimono belts, Tanami prints, Nagai Star print give the garments a historical backbone and an ode of Japanese culture and art. With Kenzo’s original signature indicates a love of countercultures dear to Kenzo Takada.