Kappa Interrupted

This season we’re in full-blown 90s nostalgia. Just look at the oversized silhouettes and North Face X Supreme. The power-brands of yesteryear are getting a reboot with the power-brands of today. And in terms of cult status, it doesn’t get much bigger than Kappa.

Starting out in the field and quickly becoming a subculture staple, Kappa retains a contemporary flavour of living. It comes as no surprise that the scope of Kappa’s demographic is reflected in the diverse street-cred of their collaborator Faith Connexion. It’s shedding the persona of a 90’s cult brand and growing with the present time.

Faith Connexion brings luxury appeal to Kappa’s casual cool— a brand that values hand-painting and bespoke garments over mass-production. The larger cuts are definitely a nod to the massive proportions that have existed in the streetwear and hip- hop scene. Still the clothing maintains an athletic vibe through use of the classic airy materials Kappa is known for.

Seen below, Kappa X Faith Connexion’s red athletic shorts are paired with an Off-White T with the word ‘WOMAN’ printed on the back in bold red letters. Perhaps no other message is more important in light of calls for visibility for women and equality.

Kappa's logo is one of equality and support, inspired by the back-lit image of a man and a woman leaning against each other during a photo campaign. In the current social climate, it seems apt and timely.

Other pieces in the collection include the Kappa logo boldly placed in the centre of hoodies and sweatshirts. Almost like a flag or a message of solidarity. Think of Prabal Gurung’s “Girls Want To Have Fundamental Rights” shirt, or Paloma Spain’s feminine dresses for men. This Faith Connexion X Kappa collab is conveying one thing loud and clear: Equality is marching forward and it’s here to stay.

Words by: Jason Siu
Photographer: Stew Z
Art Direction & Styling: Amit Raja
Video: Luis Valdizon
Makeup: Riley Johnson
Hair: Sarah Bernstein