Juun.J X Hajime Sorayama Collection of Sensual Robots

Based out of Seoul, Korean designer Juun. J debut his new collection with the artworks of the Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama. His distinctive style of dark and innovative with minimal approach in structure has solidified his outstanding aesthetic in fashion. Juun.J features two Sorayama’s pieces in his collection— one of a robot posed with ankles crossed and hands clutching its chest, the other simply a feminine metallic finger pointing upward. 

Hajime Sorayama is a Tokyo based painter, most famous for its controversial illustrations of sexual robots with seductive poses and his design of the original Sony AIBO robot. He graduated from Chuo Art School in 1968 and gained a position of an advertising agency. Later, he became a free lance illustrator in 1972. His precisely detailed, hand painted and air brushed portrays of women and biomechanoid robots. He describes his highly detailed style as “superrealism”, and commented: "Unlike art, illustration is not a matter of emotion or hatreds, but an experience that comes naturally through logical thinking."

He was inspired by the pin-up art and legendary women such as Marilyn Monroe and his works revolve around figures with suggestive poses, including highly realistic depictions in latex and leather. Sorayama said about his pin-up work: "That’s my mania. I’ve been drawing them since high school. Back then, there was this thing for the Playboy and Penthouse playmates. Now, it’s the girl-next-door, idol type, but in our day, these pin-ups were like goddesses. I guess I could describe it as my own goddess cult."

The collection of long sleeves and short sleeves shirts printed the robot illustration with embroidered branding of “Sorayama” indicates the collaboration. They are made from 100% cotton and all tonal stitching. Pick up these shirts online now at KOKKO.