Italian Tailored Denim from Paris: Atelier Notify Jeans now available at KOKKO


Founded in 2003, Atelier Notify’s Maurice Ohayon has twenty five years of working as “The Specialist’ of denim, including creating Seven 7 jeans line. Born in Morocco and raised in Paris, Ohayon was exposed to fashion from the early age. The designer’s mother worked as a men’s suit tailor from home where she transformed the dining room as a tailoring workshop during the day. Atelier Notify was created with Ohayon’s childhood memory of his mother tailoring dress suits in mind and seeks to follow the tradition. 



“The Yves Saint Laurent of the denim,” described by a French journalist, Notify’s Ohayon is widely recognized as the “denim specialist’ among fashion designers. Prior to Notify’s collaboration with Stella McCartney and Saint Laurent, the brand has also collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld, where Ohayon led the K Karl Lagerfeld line as Creative Director of the denim collection. Another well known admirer of Notify jeans include Linda Evangelista, an iconic fashion model, who saw Ohayon’s immense attention to the cuts. Notify’s jeans start from Ohayon overwatching the raw denim production in Belgium where the materials are washed or brushed by hand without the use of acid or bleach, then the production in Italy to take total control of the denim’s wash and shrinkage characteristics. In Notify’s Paris Atelier, exacting cuts, traditional handmade details, and superb craftsmanship turned into a pair of jeans that will last a lifetime is the main goal. “I wanted to make a classy jean that was sexy by just by its fit and not by a vulgar wash,” commented Ohayon in a previous interview. Beside the fits, the designer obsesses over the smaller details such as pockets and labels. Notify jeans’ 45 degree angled pockets and hand stitched label at waistline show Ohayon’s dedication on continuing the tailoring traditions, making Notify a true mix of modern fashion and old world techniques. 



Notify 2016 FW ready-to-wear women’s jeans are now available at our Aberdeen Luxury boutique located at 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond BC or visit