Editorial: Common to Uncommon

Kokko has stood for diversity and creativity over the years. New exciting developments are coming to KOKKKO this fall and today. You are invited to come on our journey to visually re-defined KOKKO, titled “Common to Uncommon.”



HighBrow vs. LowBrow

Cultural Backdrops



Lifestyles & Youth culture

"Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind."




Taking place in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown, Kokko’s new face, Taylor is in Loewe’s signature dog print bomber jacket, Kenzo’s logo print t-shirt, Loewe fisherman denim, Loewe 2017FW accessories and Kuboraum’s hand carved sunglasses.






Taylor is in Off White’s graphic biker jacket, Christian Dada’s plaid shirt, Moschino 2017FW graphic t-shirt and Loewe calf leather bag.


"We want to record and show the moment, a moment for real, a moment of reaching towards unlimited potential."







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