Common to Uncommon Vol. 2

Following our trip to Vancouver Chinatown, project Common to Uncommon Vol. 2 takes place at #DIY #Industrial Home Depot featuring Vetements, Off White and Yang Li.

All White in All Vetements

Paired with Alyx x Vans collaboration sneakers and Alyx white distressed denim jeans are white Vetements oversized raincoat and the newly designed signature Antwerpen hoodie.  

Raincoat & HoodieVetements
Sneakers/Vans by Alyx



Sugar & Spice by Off White
Cropped heavy Wool sweater with elongated sleeves, Joshua Sanders’ metallic pom pom slip on sandals and ice cream. What more could we ask for.


Sweater & Jeans/Off-White
Sandals/Joshua Sanders


Do It Yourself with Yang Li

Dress down with Yang Li and be different. Yang Li’s virtual ‘underground’ band, Samizdat, is all about staying off of the mainstream and feeling  #alt.

Jeans / Off-White