Coming Soon: Alyx 2017SS

Alyx is a young brand, it's debut was Fall 2015, lead by Matthew Williams and stands for the ‘young’; let that be punk, skateboarding and even amusement parks. Described as “modern classic” by the Los Angeles-raised designer, Alyx plays the feminine vs the boyish, New York City vs California and Street style vs Italian craftsmanship. While Alyx is an emerging name that can be found at stores like Dover Street Market or Colette, Matthew Williams has an intensive working background in both the entertainment and fashion industry. He has worked Rhianna, Lady Gaga and brands like Alexander McQueen, Hood by Air, Supreme and Stussy. Perhaps Williams’ collaboration with Kanye West as a creative director and co-founding the hype brand, Been Trill, are a couple of Williams’ most known works before Alyx. 

Matthew WIlliam’s Alyx will launch at KOKKO for the first time with 2017 Spring Summer collection. Stay tuned for arrival dates.