Christian Dada Special Feature Displays at KOKKO Concept Store

Back in June, we have announced that Christian Dada will be launching at KOKKO with his first official Paris Collection 2016FW series. We are excited to exhibit our picks of Christian Dada’s 2016 FW collection, available in stores now.
The Japanese designer with European training stands with punk rock roots in his designs. The name, Christian Dada, expresses his theme of punk rock meets European couture tailoring. Christian is derived from the founder of Christian Dior fashion house and Dada is a reference to Dadaism, a movement that heavily influenced the birth of punk rock.
The amount of details and the state of art tailoring is once again pushing through the garments this season, along with the vivid yet elegant prints of Nobuyoshi Araki.
Nobuyoshi Araki is a famous Japanese postwar Japanese photographer, best known for his provocative nude female models including Lady Gaga, and Bjork. One of the photographer’s major themes are eros and thanatos, often showing female bodies or flowers. Araki’s works are highly sought after by both Japan and Europe’s art collectors.
This season at KOKKO, you will meet staple but art statement like pieces from Christian Dada.
Sagan no Ai (love on the left eye) was a title of Araki’s photo series back in 2014, when the photographer lost his eyesight on his right eye. The title is also a reference to Ed van der Elsken’s 1956 photobook, "Love on the Left Bank."
The collection does portray a hint of recent street style skater trend, such as a relaxed fit hoodies, raw edges and graphic t-shirts as well as classic damaged skinny trousers and patched jackets.
KOKKO Concept Boutique in Gastown, Vancouver will be showcasing Christian Dada special feature displays from October. Christian Dada also available at KOKKO Luxury Boutique, located at 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond BC.