Cedric Jacquemyn’s Iceland and Modernist poetry inspired 2016 FW collection launch: "And the dead tree gives no shelter

A rapidly emerging Antwerp Academy graduate, Cedric Jacquemyn’s menswear collection has launched at KOKKO.
Jacquemyn’s past collections, The Last Glacier (2011FW) or The Wastland (2012 SS) hints at the designer’s main inspirations; Iceland and poetry. At the first glimpse, there are layers, drapes, rough edges and the contrast of geometrical slim fit with free flowing forms. Often described as ‘dark romanticism,’ Jacquemyn's designs transcribe the theme of life, nature’s serenity and the destructive force in his collection.
The poetic interpretation of Iceland’s earily beautiful volcanic ash dyed black sands, the clear glaciers and the white snow appears in Jacquemyn's designs through his textures, choice of colours and prints. 2016 FW collection's "And the dead tree gives no shelter” (an excerpt from T.S. Eliot’s poem, "The Wastland,” which describes the sense of devastation and hope during the post-war era) is the first Cedric Jacquemyn collection to officially arrive at KOKKO. It features black colours manipulated in different textures, drapes against constructed features and elegant mobility.
When asked about his ideal model in a past Digital Dazed interview, Jacquemyn answered "what I have in mind is usually a desolate, powerful world full of glaciers and volcanoes like the Iceland of my inspiration. So I suppose that man would be a sort of apocalyptic, Nordic wanderer…”
As a graduate of the Antwerp Academy, Jacquemyn describes the most important aspect of running a fashion house as ‘production’ and the tailoring skills he shows off with each garment proves that. Cedric Jacquemyn's 2016 FW collection is now available for viewing at KOKKO Luxury Boutique, located at 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond BC or online boutique, https://www.kokko.me.