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The first date we went on was to Ikea. She needed a new chair, and I had a car.

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Yeah, we’ve been to all the cool places in town. But we always come here to eat. She says it reminds her of the smoked salmon her mom always made. I tried to copy it once or twice, but it’s just not the same and that’s okay.

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Pretty sure she likes getting pushed around on the shopping cart more than looking at the stuff. I don’t blame her—looks fun.

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We still have that lemon-yellow chair I drove home for her that first time. It’s actually my favorite chair now.

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What were we here for again? Oh yeah, the dog bed.

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Now we just gotta get a dog.

Photo: Stew Zong
Video: Luis Valdizon Styling: Karen
Model: Rachel Text: Jason Siu